What Should I Expect From A Session?

You can expect to come into my tranquil atmosphere and experience a unique bliss. I try to create a space for you to feel comfortable and safe; a space for you to let go and free yourself. I work within your comfort zone.  If you desire,  you will be able to freshen up prior or after our session with a nice hot shower. 


Try and give yourself enough time when you come here. Being rushed takes away your time to completely relax. Try not to book anything stressful right after. Enjoy the feeling and allow it to leave you euphoric. 

Also know that every session is different. I work with whatever is going on with you during that time. Try and stay open-minded and not decide prior how our sessions will go. 

Allow yourself to receive!!! 

What Type of Sessions Do You Offer?

Nurturing and Awakening Guidance Session: 
Your Tantric Journey 

Sessions give you the opportunity to learn advanced tantra techniques. I will coach you on cosmic conscious breathing and show techniques for giving Yoni or Lingam Massage to your beloved. Learn rituals to create space for you to honor yourself and your beloved. You will also learn how to incorporate rituals into your own sensual encounters. Sessions can include meditation, yoga, dance, and even prayer. Each session is unique to each client. Stay open-minded! 

Tantra Experience for Couples 

Share with your beloved, your close friend or someone you trust. 

I offer healing and coaching to couples of all varieties!! Learn to expand the relationship with yourself and your beloved. We can focus on intimacy and sexual interaction issues in a nurturing and honoring environment. Learn what really connects you as a couple. Each unique session with me will enhance your relationship and teach you special techniques to bring your love life to a new and exciting high. These sessions are customized to the comfort level of each partner. Respecting all boundaries. This connection can be done on so many levels. The importance is to make sure everyone feels safe and comfortable.  



I am available for travel. Please contact me to find out how to sponsor me to come to your area for you and/or your beloved.