Many have heard of Tantra but are unfamiliar with it and its benefits. Some have heard it makes sex better. That is true but that is not all Tantra is about. Tantra literally means to expand. To expand your mind, body, and spirit. To use your powerful sexual energy to embrace life. To use it to heal old wounds and thought patterns. Most people in our society have been raised with negative attitudes towards sex. Whether raised religious or just conservative, most were brought up to feel that all thoughts of being pure sexual beings were not natural and were wrong. Many of us have been affected by child abuse, rape, or just harsh criticism by ones who love us. How could this not result in negative inner feelings about sexual energy and its power? 

Lets start to change that mindset! tantra

The path I take is to lead you to change your subconscious views on sexuality from negative to positive. It is time to come fully into our bodies. I want to show you that in every moment that you breathe, you are a powerful sexual being. You are a wonderful sexual being not just in the act of sex, but at all times. I try to take the opportunity to bring that primal power to connect you to your inner self. It can also be a form of meditation. Our session can involve deep conscious breathing, holding, and intimate touch techniques. 

The intent is set to create a comfortable and nurturing environment in which we raise and explore the erotic juicy energy in your own body. No matter how long it may have been dormant. The longer you go without exploring this energy the more “out of touch” you feel with yourself and everyone in your life. How can you give all of you if you do not feel whole in your body? 

Isn’t it time to take care of you? To finally connect with that deep inner part of you that you neglect? We will honor and cherish this magnificent part of who you are. It is hard to let yourself receive loving and sexual energy. Most tend to hide from it because it is powerful. Let us embrace it and let it guide you to your complete, whole self.

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