The Skinny Massage detoxifies, tones, tightens and firms targeted areas of your body while reducing the appearance of cellulite. By using specific massage techniques on cellulite affected areas, the circulations is improved and becomes softer and releases rigidity over time, creating a smoother, toner appearance. By combining this massage with the Ultimate Body Applicator from It Works you will get increased moisture and get improved results. This herbal and botanical wrap treatment absorbs through the pores into the fat cell. It detoxifies and breaks down the fat in the cell, extracting fat and toxins into your lymphatic system, which is disposed as waste. The size of the fat cell is reduced, resulting in inches loss, toning and minimizing the appearance of cellulite. Most see amazing results in just 45 minutes! As much as 4 inches can be lost in one session! (For best results, you need to drink plenty of water to help flush the toxins. If  you don’t drink enough water, the toxins will reabsorb back into the fat cell.)  Contact us now to schedule your 60 minute skinny massage. Isn’t it time to improve your health with a detox method and massage?


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