Sex and Relationship Coaching

Discover a unique experiential approach to creating, enhancing, and maintaining love and intimacy for couples.
The Couples Counseling andSensory Enriched Sex TherapySessions are Beyond Therapy.  Traditionally, counseling and sex therapy have consisted of only verbal communication and home work assignments. I want to explore on a much deeper level. A level that includes non-verbal communication and real-time interactions.

Relationship Healing

What is a balanced relationship? Everyone may have a slightly different idea of what they need for a healthy relationship. A few things are a must for a fantastic relationship. It’s a  combination of being open or vulnerable, communication, passion, compassion and fulfilling sexual connections. If one of these attributes isn’t there, you may notice that’s when disconnect occurs. So often I meet women who are settling and shutting down physically and emotionally. 
StrugglingI see men who are going through their “mid-life crises,” because there is no room in the relationship for growth, change and an ongoing exploration of the mysteries of sex and love.  
You deserve to feel complete, fulfilled, and connected. Because of this, relationship counseling is available to many couples in and around the Richmond VA area.
 In addition, I work with couples who have different desires, who are experiencing sexless relationships or who may want to find new and exciting ways to enhance their sex lives.
As one of my teachers Alison Armstrong would always ask me “What if no one is wrong?” What if both genders are doing the best they can if what they have?
I want to teach you the neuroscience of how your partner thinks and feels. With this knowledge, you can start can have a stronger relationship foundation. To understand what works in the bedroom, you may need to start outside of it.
Often, when two people first make a commitment to each other, they are in the midst of the honeymoon period, where both people feel that the other wants everything they want and has everything they need. As they learn more about each other, they find that there are differences in desires, both inside and outside of the bedroom.
These can be as simple as what kind of movies they want to watch and as complex as one partner wanting monogamy and the other wanting an open relationship. Whether they are simple or complex, if unaddressed, they can have very dire consequences for the relationship. 
With a focus on acceptance, we help couples negotiate through these differing desires so that each partner’s desires and the underlying emotional reasons for them can be heard and fully received. You can begin to create an agreement that works for both of you and the relationship right now.
In long-term relationships, sex can end up on the back burner, behind work, children and the daily chores of living so that a couple ends up having very little sex. In some relationships, couples stop having sex altogether. Unless both partners are completely happy with this arrangement, sexless or low-sex arrangements can lead to deep resentment and distance, cheating, or break-ups and divorce. 
Reconnecting requires attention – it also requires creativity, bravery and playfulness to create a relationship where seduction, passion and desire can build and expand. In our sessions you can feel, play, understand and open up. This is not your average “talk therapy”, These sessions are experiential, playful, intense, and transforming. 
Through knowledge and compassion, I believe sexual dysfunctions, sexless relationships, and unhealthy emotional beliefs can be transformed. These dysfunctions and stigmas can be transformed into passionate, fulfilled relationships, fabulous sex, sexual freedom, and renewed self-confidence.
Within this complete therapy approach, you are able to receive support, guidance, and instant feedback. 
As you participate in this type of therapy, some of the things you will learn include: 
  • Understand and connect with your true self.   
  • Realizations of what you want in a relationship and in sex.
  • Enlightenment on real sex education and intimacy skills.
  • How to communicate with the opposite sex.
  • Never be in a sexless relationship again.
  • Discovering your needs, you can teach others to love you and meet your needs.
  • Use Tantra methods to connect on a much deeper level with your beloved. Tantra can also teach you how to enhance your life with your own sexual power.
  • Learn how to feel fulfilled sexually and emotionally.
Contact me for more information.  You deserve to feel complete, fulfilled, and connected.
Sensual Enhancement
I offer couples counseling or relationship counseling, healing, and coaching to couples of all varieties. Learn to expand the relationship with yourself and with your beloved. We can focus on intimacy and sexual interaction issues in a nurturing and honoring environment.
Learn what really connects you as a couple. Each unique session with me will enhance your relationship and teach you special techniques to bring your love life to a new and exciting high. These sessions are customized to the comfort level of each partner. This connection can be done on so many levels.
This coaching can help couples relate in a way that increases intimacy, communication, desire and pleasure. Learn your partners desires as well as your own, while staying loving, engaged and connected. If you are both committed and learn to use all of your resources, can you imagine how connected you will be.
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