I am honored to work with amazing people who have the courage to truly live their life. I am both humbled and proud to share with you some of their thoughts, in their own words, on the work we have done together.


Amanda Wright ordained  ministerAmanda Wright is an incredible teacher in all that she does. What really sets her apart is her ability to blend her extensive knowledge and training with her own life experiences to work with you in a grounded and compassionate way. As individuals we sometimes fail to understand or even forget what we are capable of doing; I can’t think a better person to work with in those moments to shine a light and help you along your path. The best endorsement I can offer for Amanda is to thank her, once again, for marrying me to my beloved several years ago – a miracle to say the least.  — Jeff Kraus, Richmond, Va.


Amanda is a wonderful teacher! I met her years ago. I am a few years older, yet she has  always been there for me in a loving maternal manner. I am amazed at what she has helped me accomplish. She has sought out the knowledge necessary to help guide others on a path of their own. Her great personality and guidance makes your work that much easier. After just a few sessions with her, I was reaching my goals with ease. It’s like a breathe of fresh air! I am more confident and now have more skills to achieve future goals. Amanda can help YOU reach your life goals and create your own successes!   

– Holly N. Glen Allen, VA


“Amanda has been a part of my life for many years as a spiritual teacher and life coach. She has the wisdom of a woman thrice her age and fully engages to help someone. She practices many modalities to help a client who seeks help.  Amanda will help the person reach their potential. Keep your eye on the horizon and she will direct your path and help you avoid pitfalls.

“You don’t really feel like a “client” working with Amanda, it’s like working with a trusted friend and comrade.  She has been there for me in some of my darkest days.  She travels all over the world to teach and has offered phone support to me from far away places like Hawaii.  When I was going through medication withdrawal last year, she provided phone support when no one else seemed to understand.  It was a time of great personal challenge for herself, I believe, because her husband was getting ready to deploy to the middle east and she still made time to work with me, even talking to me on the holidays when there was no one else to talk to.

“Recently, I collapsed at work and was rushed to the ER. She sent loving energy immediately, set up a phone call for shortly after, and when she was back in town, I saw her in person twice in one week. The sessions involved energy work and holding – imagine how a mother would hold a child to give them comfort – it was like that. She is also a person who will seek new knowledge to try to help someone.

“I have never met anyone so motivated to learn new things to help people. Yet she is also incredibly down to earth and much warmer in person than even her pictures show.  She is easy to talk to and you will feel like you have known her many lifetimes.  This is not magic. Amanda does not wave a magic wand and make all your problems disappear. You will do most of the work and she serves as your guide. You heal yourself from within and she helps direct your path.” — D from Northern Virginia